The Management

Get To Know Us

The Chef

The Chef is the  founding members of Addikt Carping, He has a prolific record of catches on our bait and has helped in the development and creation of not only the bait, but the company. 

He is the driving force that has got us this far and will take us forward and help improved catch rates from our baits and tackle


The Bait Guru

Our Bait Guru has been part of the ADDIKT CARPING family since the beginning, and is responsible for making bait. He has over 40 years experience in Carp and Barbel bait. 

He has developed his skills over many years and can always come up with new creations that never fail to catch 

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The Bait Gurus' Assistant

The Gurus Assistant is another founding member of the 


He is responsible for making bait along side The Bait Guru.

He has over 20 years experience making bait and he holds the PB carp record for our bait topping the scales at 61lbs 8oz,  28kilo

He also looks after the Social Media and will always be there to answer your questions