CSL is an oldie but a goldie in our humble opinion! This boozy smelling liquid is rated very highly indeed.  


CORN STEEP LIQUOR - ActiveThis superb quality Corn Steep Liquor does not contain any added acids or stabilisers to stop it fermenting. Therefore, for safe storage we recommend this product is stored in a refrigerator to keep it cool. This highly attractive natural liquid food has a distinctive beer-like aroma and slightly bittersweet yeast taste and has been one of the most successful liquid additives of the last few years. Produced as a result of the maize steeping process, CSL is used as an ‘activating’ liquid that is ideal for use within many different types of bait. Whilst being a superb liquid additive for boilie mixes, it is also suitable for use on pellets (as it will not dissolve them), particles, stick mixes and spod mixes where a natural, subtle, yeasty/meaty attractor is required. CSL has a digestible protein content as well as a valuable natural sugar fraction that makes it an effective fermentation catalyst for any moist or wet product. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg. (Doesn't melt P.V.A)

Active Corn Steep Liquor (CSL)