Amino Solutions  covers both Olfactory (fish’s sense of smell underwater) and Gustatory (fish’s sense of taste) senses within Carp. Amino Acids are the number one Chemo Attraction in Carp and other Cyprinids, so with this in mind, we have carefully formulated this liquid solution to be used as a Hook Bait Soak. It will improve any type of Boilie, Pop Up and Hookbait. Simply pour 5-10ml into a pot of hookbaits, shake well and leave to soak in over 24 – 48 hours, then repeat if necessary. Some crystallisation may occur whilst bottle is stood over a period of time, this is perfectly normal, simply shake well prior to use.  Amino Solutions  has added Amines and Ammonium compounds to raise the pH, you’ll notice the strong smell emitted from the bottle when opened, superb when used in conjunction with Fishy type flavours that are high in pH.

Being totally water soluble, Amino Solutions can be used all year round. Amino Solutions  pH has been carefully increased to between 8.0 – 8.5pH, hence on the Alkaline side. Supplied in 50ml bottles


Feedback we are having on this incredible liquid is nothing short of ‘wow‘,