Bait Screws - 3 Styles

Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle.

Bait Screws are great for a more natural presentation of your chosen hook baits. They can be tied to a hair or used together with hooks beads directly on the shank of the hook.

Bait Screws can be used with most baits including boilies, nuts and pop ups.

Bait Screws can be used with many different styles of carp rigs including D rigs, Chod Rigs, Blow Back rigs and many more. Your imagination is the limit.

Bait Screws Available

  • Bait Screw (no link)
  • Bait Screw with Oval Link
  • Bait Screw with 3.1mm Rig Ring

These Bait Screws are 12mm in length and have a matt black anti glare coating.


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