This is a completely different animal to the Booster Glug. Hook Bait Boilie Dips are just that, a dip for your hook baits only. These are highly concentrated and so must not be used in the same way as a Glug.

Although a carp will be attracted to one of these hook baits they certainly wouldn't enjoy eating free baits covered in a Boilie Dip. It would be like making a cup of instant coffee with four heaped teaspoons of coffee powder. It would smell fine. but you try and drink it!

My only use for boilie Dips is to give my hook bait an 'in your face' aroma that the fish will not be able to miss. Sometimes this method can be deadly particularly when fishing just single hook baits out on there own with no freebies.

Simply dip your hook bait into the tub prior to casting or leave a few baits soaking in the liquid to really boost the smell. This is fine as the carp doesn't actually get to actually taste the hook bait properly before your rig does its job.