Our Tuna Hydrolysate Powder is brand new for 2020. Quite a pungent fish smell to this new Hydrolysate and it has a fantastic Amino Acid profile, as good as any we’ve seen!

As with all Hydrolysates this is a superb fish attracting ingredient and has a protein level in excess of 78%. A very high 97% + digestibility, and less than 5% fat so is perfect for all year-round use.

This is going to be a popular product and if you’re looking for something to replace Tuna Extract then look no further than this superb Tuna Hydrolysate powder.

Can be used in Boilies, Groundbaits and Stick mixes.

Recommended dosage is 3-10% inclusion rate. As with all soluble ingredients ensure correct storage as this product is very hygroscopic (attracts moisture).