Wheygel is a modified whey protein used in the human food industry to replace eggs in food items where strong gelling properties are required. It makes an outstanding bait hardener and is very cost effective when compared to Egg Albumen and other milk products.

With ever-increasing numbers of anglers experiencing crayfish and nuisance fish problems, this ingredient has proven to be invaluable at home and abroad. With an inclusion level of 25g/50g per kilo, baits can be boiled for reduced times (down to 60 seconds), maintaining more of their nutritional value whilst producing very hard baits that are cooked right through to the centre.


Wheygel may be used in conjunction with Egg Albumen to produce a base mix that requires no liquid egg. This enables you to add either water or other non-oil based attractors to your base mix to produce a far more soluble finished bait.

Use Egg Albumen and Wheygel at an inclusion level of 5% each to eliminate or dramatically reduce the requirement for liquid egg.